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Dave and Nick --First Selectman and Selectman as they hear the results of the election


Nov 8, 2023

It will be an honor to serve a third term as first selectman for the people of Easton. I am particularly gratified by Easton's response to our entire team. My running mate Nick D'Adarrio, in his first election was rewarded for his extremely hard work and dedication as well as his integrity with a great victory for the selectman position. He showed the communication skills that people tell us they value so highly.

Nick brngs his son Frizt to the official swearing in ceremony at Town Hall on Nov. 8 2023

We gained a seat on the board of finance, and won several other races including on the Region 9 board of education. It was a tremendous team effort, and I am so proud of all of them. Our party leadership worked tirelessly to keep us organized and productive.

Going forward, I see great opportunity to continue what we started 4 years ago, but we can always get better. We need to continue open and transparent communication, and we need to reach more people doing so. We need to empower people to participate in government and help shape the town's destiny. Our basic goals of preserving the character of the town, providing great education and senior services remain along with completing a renovation of our EMS headquarters. We need to do this while remaining fiscally responsible and creative in improving revenue and finding other sources of funding.

This is a team of caring individuals who have shown in their own lives that they are dedicated to helping others. I look forward to working with them and all the members, new and old of our town government. I especially want to thank my wife Gloria who not only serves this town in so many ways, but is my greatest support and advisor.

--David Bindelglass

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