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Annual Message to Easton Democrats from David Bindelglass

Dear fellow Democrats, 

Happy New year, and thank you for the incredible hard work and support that you all showed in the municipal election.  In a recent newsletter, Bob Lessler described what we achieved last November.  It was truly historic. 



Thank you to all our AWESOME VOLUNTEERS

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Thank you to all who attended our Democratic Candidates Forum


Dave and Nick Celebrating the continuation of of the Democratic majority on the Board of Selectmen


Nick D'Addario and Fritz on Wednesday morning as Nick is sworn in as Easton's new Selectman

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Thank you to all our supporters in the community, none more beloved than our oldest Democrat who, at 102, came to the polls in person to vote to keep Easton BLUE

Row A All the Way: Election Day News

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Dave on why we're running: It's About the people. Watch 

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Bob, Dave and Nick finish up Campaign 2023 with a big Thank-You to Easton. Watch

Anne just voted and urges everyone in Easton to join her in voting Row A all the Way! If Anne can get out and vote at 102, so can you! 

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Devon's voting Row A because under Democrats Easton has become a more welcoming town, because everyone has the right to be respected. Watch

Row A:  Expertise, Professionalism & Heart

Candidates on the Democratic slate bring not only life experience as physicians, business leaders, teachers, attorneys, librarians, and professionals in their own fields, but also a deep understanding of what makes our town special and a shared dedication to ensuring Easton remains a well-run, welcoming town.  They are committed to working for a responsive local government with professional expertise, civility, and compassion. When accomplished citizens with credentials like these step forward to run, the whole community wins. 

 Courier Reports on Republican First Selectman Candidate Appearing with Radical Right Group

When Republican First Selectman candidate Wendy Bowditch appeared at an event in Easton sponsored by a radical ultra-right anti-choice, anti-LGBTQ, anti-teacher, pro-book banning group, she didn’t seem to understand why so many residents were enraged.


Clearly, she still doesn’t understand. Bowditch told The Courier: I don’t think of them as exclusionary and suggested we could just agree to disagree on basic rights.


She could not be more wrong and that’s what this election is about. Everyone in Easton deserves to feel welcome and safe. Democrats believe that accepting a radical right group that promises to deny LGBTQ citizens basic rights, and to deny women the right to choose, and supports the banning of books, should not represent us in Easton.   

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David Bindelglass and Nick D'Addario both issued statements about the need for Easton to remain a welcoming town, and to reject the ultra-right group's agenda.