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"Sixty Percent Challenge Aims to Give Easton Bragging Rights as Town with Highest Turnout in CT

Easton Democrats Challenge Voters to Increase Their Turnout to 60% to Secure Title of Town with Highest Turnout in Connecticut

DTC Announces Awareness Campaign and New Online Resources for Voters to Drive Participation and Exceed Historically High Voter Turnout in 2021 Easton Local Elections

(Easton CT, October 30,2023) Chair of the Easton Democratic Town Committee Nanette DeWester today announced the launch of the “60% Challenge,” a local voter education and awareness campaign to drive voter turnout in the coming November 7 municipal elections.

“Easton made history in 2021 with 55% turnout and this election cycle we’d like to see that increase to 60% which would put us in competition for the town with the highest turnout in the state,” said Easton DTC Chair DeWester. “We’ve launched a Voting Information Center on our website that’s designed to make it easier than ever for voters to get the information they need to make a voting plan and we’ve developed educational materials designed to reach everyone, even kids who we hope will encourage their parents to vote this year.”

Bear stickers were designed to get kids interested in voting. If you'd like some, just email and we'll bring you some!

To publicize the “60% Challenge,” the DTC has developed educational materials featuring bears, because bears always generate interest in town, as well as videos encouraging voters to help Easton win the title of the town with the highest participation.

“Bears are beloved in Easton,” said DeWester, “and news of a bear sighting always spreads around town rapidly on social media whenever a bear is spotted in a resident’s backyard. So we thought it made sense to feature bears in our “60% Challenge” voter turnout campaign to drive interest and even get kids involved.”

DeWester noted that elections in Easton are often won or lost by only a few votes, so driving high voter turnout is critical.


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