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Scott Charmoy for Board of Assessment Appeals

Scott Charmoy practices law with his wife Sheila in the firm Charmoy &

Charmoy in Westport. He has served on the Easton Zoning Board of Appeals

since 2018, the Board of Assessment Appeals since 2019, and the Tax Relief for

the Elderly Committee since 2020. He also serves in the Volunteer Attorney

Program for the Connecticut Superior Court, assisting pro se litigants facing

foreclosure, and on the Pro Bono Panel for the United States Bankruptcy Court

for the District of Connecticut, which assists those in need in filing

bankruptcies. He loves living in Easton with his wife, two daughters, and way

too many pets.

I believe the three top issues facing Easton are land use, maintaining our

public school system, and public participation in town governance. Our Town

government must constantly balance maintaining our Town’s rural character

against allowing the appropriate nature amount of development in order to

maintain our tax base. While we love our farms, most people move here for

our excellent school system, and maintaining the high quality of that school

system despite continually rising costs, while managing residents’ tax burden,

is a constant battle.

Lastly, with only about 7,600 residents, Easton must continually search for

new committed volunteers to fill its various boards and commissions. We

will suffer as a Town unless more residents agree to serve.

Serving on the Board of Assessment Appeals admittedly does little to directly

affect these issues. But I will continue to run for office and volunteer my time,

and continue to address the tax appeals that come before me as fairly as

possible to the taxpayer and the Town, as do all my fellow board members.

The citizens of Easton can assure themselves the best chance of effectively

addressing the above issues by electing our outstanding Democratic


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