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Nick D'Addario Joins Dave Bindelglass on Democratic Ticket for Selectman; Bob Lessler to Retire

(Easton CT, June 23, 2023) Easton Democratic Town Committee Chair Nanette DeWester today announced Nick D'Addario, currently a member of the Planning and Zoning Commission, will seek election to the Easton Board of Selectmen in the November municipal elections. D'Addario will run for the seat currently held by Bob Lessler, who recently announced his intention to retire 24 years as a Selectman.

D'Addario will join the Democratic ticket led by First Selectman David Bindelglass, who is seeking re-election to a third term. Bindelglass was elected First Selectmen in 2019, leading the first Democrat majority with a Democratic First Selectmen in nearly 40 years. He was re-elected in 2021 with an historic 56% turnout in Easton.

In announcing his candidacy, D'Addario said, "I am honored and excited to be running for Selectman with David Bindelglass. We need to continue to build on Dave and Bob's successes from the past four years. I believe in an open and transparent government that is responsible and effective for all residents. My family moved to Easton because my wife and I wanted to raise our son in a small agricultural community with beautiful open spaces. We must continue to preserve the character of our town and protect it from being developed."

Candidates filing their paperwork
It's Official! Nick and Dave Filing their Paperwork with Easton Town Clerk Deborah Szegedi

Bindelglass said: "I'm excited to work with Nick on the Board of Selectmen. He represents a younger generation of leadership which we need in our town, and he shares my strong commitment to protecting the things that make Easton so special--our open spaces and farms, our top-tier schools, and our commitment to senior services. He knows Easton well. His family has been in business in the region for decades. As a Selectman, he'll bring the intellect and understanding he's already shown on Planning and Zoning. He has extensive experience in non-profit and charitable work and gives much of his time to helping others. I believe Nick will be a formidable member of the Board of Selectmen, combining his work ethic, management expertise, and the integrity to do the right thing for the people of Easton, as he has already done for so many others.

Bob Lessler said, "Nick will be a terrific Selectman. Like me, he will join the Board as a relative newcomer to Easton. But also, like me at the time, he is no stranger to Easton. Just as my family roots in Easton go back for generations through Snow's farm, Nick's family has been a part of our community for decades. Easton has always been a part of our lives."

DTC Chair DeWester added, "Nick will bring energy and expertise to the Board of Selectmen and maintain the Democratic majority that has helped Easton solve long-standing problems like South Park while ensuring we have an inclusive local government responsive to our needs. We're thrilled he's running with Dave for the Board of Selectmen."

A graduate of The George Washington University and Vermont Law School, D'Addario is President of Hi-Ho Energy Services. He lives in Easton with his wife, Caroline, his two-year-old son, Fritz, and his dog, Bonaparte. In addition to serving on Easton's Planning and Zoning Commission, he serves as Vice Chair of the Board of Directors for the Child and Family Guidance Center in Bridgeport and as Chair of the Board of Directors for the Klein Memorial Auditorium in Bridgeport.

Caroline Harrison, Nick D'Addario, DTC Intern Catie Gutowski, and Dave and Gloria Bindelglass at Town Hall Today

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