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Meet Thomas Hughes for Easton Town Treasurer

As Easton Town Treasurer I will safely, honestly and accurately manage the incoming and

outgoing money for the town as directed by the First Selectman. I will participate in the

budgeting process with integrity and have current information ready when it is needed during town meetings and other town financial processes.

Easton is currently the only town in CT which has the two distinct positions of Treasurer and

Finance Officer being performed by a single individual. The residents of Easton deserve the best fiscal practice of these two financial functions being fulfilled by two different people. I would be honored to serve as Easton’s Treasurer alongside the current Financial Director to restore the intended staffing structure and balance. It’s important that the town’s funds are safely invested to get the maximum return as well as being available when required to meet the Town’s financial obligations. I will be responsible for that.

In the position of Treasurer, I will help get the work done on time and provide the Board of

Selectmen and the Board of Finance with the vital financial information they need to make

informed decisions about the town’s financial status and to respond to needs as they arise.

With my experience as Executive Director at two different faith-based camp/conference centers, as well as running my own small business, I know I have the understanding and experience with revenue / expense as well as financial planning, to be an asset to the town financial team.

I look forward to serving Easton and all our residents in the position of Treasurer once elected.

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