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Jon Stinson: Region 9 BOE Candidate and Robotics, Engineering and Cybersecurity Coach

Jon has served on the Easton Board of Education, including as Chair, to help guide the Board to sensible budgets that meet the evolving needs of the system and support our teachers and administrators, and most of all, ensuring that the kids have a wonderful learning experience in school. He's committed to building bipartisan consensus and holding the line against attempts to bring national culture wars to our schools. And he is passionate about providing educational opportunities that will prepare our kids for higher education and to compete in the global economy. He's served has a technology educator and cybersecurity coach for years, providing students in Easton with exposure to cutting edge STEM topics. Jon has truly MADE A DIFFERENCE in Easton schools and and will be a wonderful addition to the Region 9 Board. Vote Row A on November 7!

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