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DAVE AND NICK RESPOND: Everyone Deserves to Feel Welcome and Safe in Easton

Dave issued this video as Easton Republican First Selectman Candidate Wendy Bowditch joined an ultraright, anti-choice, anti-LGBTQ rights, anti-teacher, group along with right wing activist Leora Levy at the Easton Public Library on October 12 (which is ironic, given that banning books is also a key element of their political agenda.) After lecturing us about keeping toxic political culture wars out of Easton, it was Bowditch herself who appeared at the candidate forum with the most right wing group in Connecticut.

Dave Bindelglass has said from Day One of his first term that one of highest priorities is ensuring that everyone feels welcome and safe in Easton. Nick D'Addario, running for Selectman to join Dave on the Board, has doubled down on that pledge. He reiterated that moments before the Bowditch and Levy event took place at the Library.

"Everyone deserves to feel welcome here, " says "D'Addario.

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